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RADICAL Structured Cabling System Contractor

Structured Cabling

No matter what your organization type is, be it with the government, a business, or if you’re in education, Structured Cabling is essential.


Structured Cabling is designed to carry voice, data and video signals throughout a commercial or residential environment.

And if you need work, whether it’s installing, removing or repairing, there is no company better suited to help you than us.

RADICAL Fiber Optics Contractor

Fiber Optic

As technology improves, more and more companies and organizations are getting fiber optic cables. Not only will you save money over copper wires, but they’re also easier to install and take up less space.


At RISB, we specialize in splicing and testing fiber optic cabling.  We self-perform most of the work ourselves because we want to be sure you’re getting the best of the best.

RADICAL E.L.V. System Contractor

ELV Services

We offer our clients full ELV (Extra Low Voltage) services for a one-stop solution for their engineering needs. Every client will have different needs for ELV services, but we are well equipped to handle even the most stringent requirement of our clients.

Our ELV services include Surveillance CCTV, Telephone, Access Controls, Card Access, Audio-Visual, PA Systems and Energy Smart Building Controllers.

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